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Hair removal wax


Film Wax Pelables

This hair removal wax is 100% vegan, manufactured to minimize allergies. It is formulated with the skin-softening and healing effects of honey to reduce irritation to a minimum. Particularly soft and elastic, it is ideal for those who regularly perform full-body hair removal or those looking to make minor adjustments to specific areas.

About the product.

This wax contains no natural fragrances or extracts. With low irritability, it is ideal for ultra-sensitive skin, and its excellent applicability makes it suitable for men as well. Formulated without colophony (pine resin), the wax is manufactured through cutting-edge chemical processes, incorporating innovative hydrocarbon resins that maintain stability over the long term. Through advanced hydrogenation and purification, it is a hair removal wax that can be used even on sensitive skin.

About the formulation

The formulation is synthetically created, making it suitable for customers with allergies to natural ingredients. As it does not contain beeswax, it is 100% vegan wax.

About the two types of wax (Orange, Jasmine)

Jasmine comes with a subtle jasmine fragrance, while Orange is a fragrance-free and low-irritation wax.

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